Library 2.013 Conference Sessions Continue to Inspire Information Professionals Worldwide

Library 2.013 Conference Sessions Continue to Inspire Information Professionals Worldwide: Session Recordings Freely Available Online!


Graduate student Ellen Holt summed up the Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference best when she said, “It's awesome!” As a working professional who is also earning her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science at the San José State University School of Library and Information Science (SJSU SLIS), Holt explained that the virtual format is invaluable given her busy schedule and was glad the information school helped organize the conference. “This kind of conference being presented by SJSU SLIS shows how much of an industry leader they are. I'm proud to be earning my MLIS at SJSU!”

The open online conference was held in multiple languages and time zones over the dates of October 18-19, 2013. The global conversation began with Dr. Sandra Hirsh, professor and director at the San José State University School of Library and Information Science, delivering the opening keynote titled, "The Global Transformation of Libraries, LIS Education, and LIS Professionals."

Hirsh’s keynote presentation (view recording) addressed the global and technical trends impacting all sectors of the library and information field, highlighting the role libraries can serve as the technological and educational hub for their communities, and defining the new roles and skills that will be required of LIS professionals to help their organizations thrive in today's global information market.

“Dr. Hirsh’s presentation was excellent and informative. I appreciated the examples of libraries plowing full speed ahead and hope to use the examples to encourage the powers that be,” wrote a Library 2.013 conference attendee in the post-session survey.

Another conference attendee was impressed by the SJSU information school’s innovative internship program and lifelong learning opportunities shared by Hirsh. “I loved the virtual internships! Also, Sandy encouraged newcomers to the profession to get involved in MOOCs,” wrote Jan Hodge.

For those who missed Hirsh’s keynote, Kari Van Baalen, an MLIS student at the SJSU information school, wrote a blog post on the school’s New Student Blog, highlighting key points of Hirsh’s presentation. Van Baalen wrote, “Dr. Hirsh’s excitement about emerging trends and her dedication to our school could be heard throughout her presentation.”

In addition, a recording of Hirsh’s keynote, as well as the other nine keynote addresses and 140+ conference sessions are freely available on the Library 2.013 website. Information professionals worldwide are encouraged to access the archived sessions (available in both video and audio formats) and take full advantage of the incredible opportunity to learn about the future of libraries in the 21st century.

The Library 2.0 virtual conferences are the largest free virtual conferences in the information profession, providing an enlightening and thought-provoking open online professional development opportunity for information professionals from around the world (Library 2.0 members represent 169 countries!). The San José State University School of Library and Information Science is a founding partner of the Library 2.0 worldwide virtual conferences.


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