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grad_generic_160An advanced degree in library and information studies is vital for future librarians who wish to pursue library careers in schools, government agencies, hospitals, and more. We decide to take a look at the most recently released rankings from U.S. News & World Report and put our own spin on their research. The rankings did not change. Instead, we added in Location, Accreditation and whether they have an Online MLS program. Here are the schools US News says are the best for a master's degree in library and information studies.

But are they the best? The noted Beer Librarian said it best and I quote, "If you're going to choose an MLIS program based on these rankings, please reconsider. Don't do it. Look at course catalogs. Talk to faculty in the program. Talk to deans and administrators. Ask them about job placement rates and opportunities for real world experience in a variety of settings. Are there opportunities to publish and present at conferences? To learn marketable skills? Talk to librarians. We're a friendly bunch. Talk to students in these programs. They're training to be a friendly bunch. Find programs that feel right, that have a "fit." And take a course or two in research methodology, so you don't graduate and then publish misleading, faux-authoritative rankings like this one."

# Graduate School Location Accreditation Online Website
 * University of Southern California Online In Process Online Get Info
1 University of Illinois–​Urbana-​Champaign Champaign, IL ALA Yes Visit
2 University of North Carolina–​Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC N/A No Visit
3 University of Washington Seattle, WA ALA No Visit
4 Syracuse University Syracuse, NY ALA Yes Visit
5 University of Michigan–​Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI N/A No Visit
6 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey... New Brunswick, NJ ALA Yes Visit
7 University of Texas–​Austin Austin, TX ALA No Visit
8 Indiana University–​Bloomington Bloomington, IN ALA No Visit
9 Simmons College Boston, MA N/A Yes Visit
10 Drexel University Philadelphia, PA ALA Yes Visit
11 University of Maryland–​College Park College Park, MD ALA Yes Visit
12 University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA ALA Yes Visit
13 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL N/A Yes Visit
14 University of California–​Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA ALA No Visit
15 University of Wisconsin–​Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI N/A Yes Visit
16 University of Wisconsin–​Madison Madison, WI ALA Yes Visit
17 University of Tennessee–​Knoxville Knoxville, TN ALA Yes Visit
18 Kent State University Kent, OH ALA Yes Visit
19 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL ALA Yes Visit
20 University of South Carolina Columbia, SC ALA Yes Visit
21 University of North Texas Denton, TX ALA Yes Visit
22 University of Kentucky Lexington, KY ALA Yes Visit
23 University of North Carolina–​Greensboro Greensboro, NC ALA Yes Visit
24 University of Oklahoma Norman, OK ALA No Visit
25 University of South Florida Tampa, FL ALA Yes Visit
26 Wayne State University Detroit, MI ALA Yes Visit
27 Catholic University of America Washington, DC N/A Yes Visit
28 Dominican University River Forest, IL N/A No Visit
29 Louisiana State University–​Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA ALA Yes Visit
30 University of Hawaii–​Manoa Honolulu, HI ALA Yes Visit
31 Pratt Institute New York, NY ALA Yes Visit
32 University at Albany–​SUNY Albany, NY ALA No Visit
33 San Jose State University San Jose, CA ALA Yes Visit
34 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ ALA Yes Visit
35 University of Denver Denver, CO ALA Yes Visit
36 University of Iowa Iowa City, IA ALA No Visit
37 University of Missouri Columbia, MO ALA Yes Visit
38 Texas Woman's University Denton, TX ALA Yes Visit
39 LIU Post (Palmer) Brookville, NY ALA Yes Visit
40 University at Buffalo–​SUNY Buffalo, NY ALA Yes Visit
41 CUNY–​Queens College Queens, NY ALA Yes Visit
42 North Carolina Central University Durham, NC ALA Yes Visit
43 Clarion University of Pennsylvania Clarion, PA ALA Yes Visit
44 St. John's University Queens, NY ALA Yes Visit
45 Emporia State University Emporia, KS ALA Yes Visit
46 Southern Connecticut State University New Haven, CT ALA Yes Visit
47 St. Catherine University St. Paul, MN ALA No Visit
48 University of Puerto Rico San Juan, PR ALA Yes Visit
49 University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI ALA Yes Visit
50 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS ALA Yes Visit
51 Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA ALA Yes Visit


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