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Since the earliest days of humanity, our species has been obsessed with chronicling information. At first, everything passed through speech in the form of rich oral traditions, with bards making long campfire-lit evenings a little easier to bear. As time went on, humans learned to record their thoughts through crude marks in clay, then more […]

There’s no need to pack your suitcase to join thousands of your colleagues, who will be attending the Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference. This conference is held entirely online in multiple languages, with sessions scheduled around the clock in multiple time zones, and it is free to boot. If you are seeking professional development that […]

Library science is a rapidly growing field in graduate education, and it’s easy to see why. The median pay for librarians is nearly $60,000 per year, and demand for these jobs is expected to outpace the average U.S. job over the next decade. But as any student or observer in this field knows, earning a […]

The position of a librarian is a very old one indeed. The oldest libraries in the world date back several centuries, and there are many more that existed in ancient times. Librarians have a huge responsibility on their shoulders – they must help patrons find the right books, documents, and information they’re looking for. They […]

Badge Available for Use Do libraries need social media? According to the American Library Association’s 2013 State of America’s Libraries Report, the answer is a resounding yes. Libraries have made many changes over the years as technology has evolved, and they continue to embrace new technologies that improve their ability to provide resources to the […]

Librarians have gotten a bad rap in the past, represented as bookwormish and ‘uncool’. But the fact is that today, librarians are really beginning to build up a name for themselves with their deep knowledge base and their access to huge stores of information. And social media has made it easier than ever to connect […]

Librarians have come up with some innovative ways to use social media, from publishing pictures of edible book contest entries on Pinterest and Flickr to posting library-themed quotes and cartoons. But regardless of how each library uses their social media accounts, the end goal is the same: to get more students to visit the library. […]

Librarianship is a challenging, rewarding, and constantly evolving field of employment. Most people don’t actually realize the wide array of skills that go into becoming a great librarian and it’s important to take the time to master all of the different aspects of librarianship. However, no matter how much education you provide yourself with there […]

For centuries libraries have been one of the hallmarks of major cities as well as minor ones. From public libraries to university institutions, libraries serve as a repository of information and knowledge. Some libraries are a little more well-known, of course. Here are 25 of the most famous ones the planet is home to. The […]

This is our opinion based on our research! Are you thinking about earning a master’s degree in library science? According to recent data, there are many jobs both in libraries and in other fields that a master’s degree in library science will qualify you for. For instance, earning your master’s can qualify you for a […]

While not every job in library or information science requires earning a master’s degree, that’s often the key educational step to the most popular careers in the field. From librarian to media collections specialist to school library worker, all require completing at least one master’s degree in library science or a related field. This is […]