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Master of Library Science Overview

MastersinLibraryScience.net is designed to help potential online Masters in Library Science (MLS) students to make an educated decision about earning this prestigious degree. This website contains details about why obtaining your MLS may be the right career choice, how to earn the degree, job and career options, salary options, and more.

An online Master of Library Science degree is a two-year, full-time program. It is the typical minimum educational requirement today for public, academic, and school librarians. This degree offers students the tools and education to thrive in the library and information world.

Master of Library Science Concentrations

Each online master’s program will have their specializations, but some of the most common MLS concentrations are:

  • School librarian: Prepares graduates for employment in schools, stressing the skills needed to teach students of all ages through school libraries.
  • Academic librarian: Prepares graduates for employment in a university or college. Their primary role is to support college students and faculty members by teaching them about library research tools and offering general research and resource support.
  • Special librarian. Prepares the MLS graduate to work in many settings that are not in school, academic, or public libraries.

Master of Library Science Curriculum

The curriculum for an online MLS program will vary by institution. However, below are some of the standard courses required for graduation:

  • Collection Development
  • Information Organization
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Retrieval
  • Foundations of Library and Information Studies
  • Indexing and Abstracting
  • Community-Based Project Design
  • Assessment in Practice

Master of Library Science Career Options

Earning an online MLS degree offers many career options. According to one online MLS degree program’s website, recent graduates have found work in these occupations:

  • Archives librarian
  • Information officer
  • Internet trainer
  • Publishing manager
  • Rare books curator
  • Reference librarian
  • Children’s librarian
  • Research analyst
  • School librarian
  • Web content strategist
  • Semantic modeler
  • Senior program manager

Job Outlook for Library Science Professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 5% increase in job demand for librarians through 2028, which is faster than average.

Communities are using libraries more today for many activities and services. There is a greater need for skilled library science professionals to help customers find information. Parents also value libraries because of their children’s learning materials that they cannot find at home.

Good Salaries for Master of Library Science Professionals

BLS reports that all librarians’ median salary in 2019 was $59,500, ranging between $33,800 and $94,500. Professionals with a master’s and more experience will often make towards the higher end of the salary range.


Obtaining your online Master of Library Science degree can open the door wide to many information-focused careers, from academic librarian to content strategist to archives librarian and more.

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