Month: March 2013

The following visualization was adapted from, of a keynote address for the 2012 State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference.

For centuries libraries have been one of the hallmarks of major cities as well as minor ones. From public libraries to university institutions, libraries serve as a repository of information and knowledge. Some libraries are a little more well-known, of course. Here are 25 of the most famous ones the planet is home to. The […]

This is our opinion based on our research! Are you thinking about earning a master’s degree in library science? According to recent data, there are many jobs both in libraries and in other fields that a master’s degree in library science will qualify you for. For instance, earning your master’s can qualify you for a […]

Libraries have one of the longest and most important histories in the world. Dating back many centuries, these institutions have always been valued for their devotion to promoting knowledge, information, and education. They not only help provide education for the future but they help to maintain a strong link to the past by archiving millions […]

The Library of Congress is a name that most people recognize, but beyond that it’s possible that you may not know that much about the institution and what it does. However, it’s worth taking a few minutes to learn about it since it’s truly one of the most unique buildings and institutions in the entire […]

The number of people who earn a master’s degree in library science certainly isn’t at the levels seen in the mid-1970s, the heyday of graduate training in library studies. In fact, the percentage of all master’s degree earners who studied in this field has fallen by about half, but the past few years have seen […]

Librarianship refers to the field of working in a library in various ways. Whether in a basic librarian position or as an administrator, there are numerous positions within the field and numerous types of libraries that one may find employment in. However, while anyone can earn a degree and enter this field, there are certain […]