75 Of The Coolest Librarians To Follow On Twitter

Librarians have gotten a bad rap in the past, represented as bookwormish and ‘uncool’. But the fact is that today, librarians are really beginning to build up a name for themselves with their deep knowledge base and their access to huge stores of information. And social media has made it easier than ever to connect with librarians that are far beyond the norm.

Twitter, for example, has offered librarians the chance to connect with millions of other people and today there are many librarians who have large followings on Twitter thanks to their informative and entertaining posts, their willingness to share knowledge, and their ability to interact with others.

If you’re looking for some librarians or library related Twitter feeds to add to your connections list, here are 75 of the coolest accounts on Twitter that you need to consider linking up to.

  1. @griffey – Jason Griffey is a librarian at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  2. @askundergrad – This is the official Twitter account for the undergrad library of UIUC
  3. @heyjudeonline – Twitter profile for Judy O’Connell, the head librarian at St. Joseph’s College
  4. @heatherloy – Heather is a librarian in South Carolina with an informative Twitter feed
  5. @acmorton – Andy Morton works as the University of Richmond’s Tech Librarian
  6. @amylibrarian – Amy Springer works as an academic librarian with many tweets focused on a variety of subjects.
  7. @ghardin – Located in Denton, Texas, Greg Hardin tweets regularly on numerous subjects
  8. @chriskeene – Chris posts regular updates about the University of Sussex Library
  9. @dmcordell – Twitter feed for an upstate New York Teacher and Librarian with a growing number of followers
  10. @neerav – A former political candidate, Neerav Bhatt is also a full time blogger and librarian
  11. @OkStateLibrary – Regular news updates from the OK State University Library System
  12. @cathyjo – Cathy Nelson is a media specialist in a school library
  13. @bookjewel – bookjewel is a teacher/librarian as well as a lifelong geek and learner
  14. @monarchlibrary – Regular tweets about technology and library related topics
  15. @MrMLibrarian – Twitter feed for a librarian devoted to promoting reading in young people
  16. @jessnevins – Jess is a reference librarian at the University of California at Riverside and also an encyclopedia author
  17. @jennyluca – Anther librarian and teacher on Twitter, Jenny tweets regularly
  18. @mstephens7 – Michael Stephens works as an Assistant Professor in the Dominican University Grad School of Library and Information Science.
  19. @uncw_library – This is the official Twitter feed for the Randall Library at UNCW
  20. @LesaHolstine – Lesa is a librarian, blogger, and book reviewer
  21. @pfAnderson – PF Anderson is a librarian focused on emerging technologies
  22. @glambert – Law librarian who tweets about knowledge management, media, and much more
  23. @geeklibrarian – Twitter user focused on helping integrate the web into libraries
  24. @kishizuka – Tech editor of the School Library Journal
  25. @janettefuller – Janette has worked as a school librarian for 30 years
  26. @yalescilib – Yale science library regular updates from this page
  27. @librarianmer – Meredith Farkas is a Norwich University Distance Learning librarian
  28. @srharris19 – Steven Harris is employed by the University of New Mexico Libraries
  29. @Librarycongress – The official Library of Congress Twitter account
  30. @UtahHive – The Utah State Library Digital Services account
  31. @lbraun2000 – Linda Brawyn, YALSA president-elect, tweets here
  32. @alscblog – Twitter feed for the Association for Library Service to Children
  33. @eagledawg – Feed for the medical librarian of the NNLM
  34. @LJBookReview – Official twitter for reviews from Library Journal
  35. @LibraryJournal – The main twitter feed for Library Journal
  36. @yalsa – Updates and news from the YA Library Services Association
  37. @Libraryman – Tweeter feed for numerous library info
  38. @sljournal – Feed on YA books from the School Library Journal
  39. @infogdss29 – Account focused on gaming, youth services, and technology
  40. @accessmylibrary – Account for increasing awareness of online library content
  41. @NPRlibrary – The official Twitter for the NPR Library
  42. @shamsha – Medical librarian related twitter feed
  43. @wickedlibrarian – Good assortment of topics and posts
  44. @kgs – Account focused on Evergreen Open Source Library Software
  45. @djleenieman – Account focusing on reference librarianship
  46. @olevia – Tweets about social issues, activism, and librarianship
  47. @megcanada – Numerous tech and library related tweets
  48. @gspadoni – Gina tweets on numerous topics
  49. @vjb – Feed for a web librarian from Portland
  50. @conniecrosby – Tweets from a guerilla law librarian
  51. @PhilippaJane – Tweets on various subjects form a podcaster
  52. @philbradley – Feed for a freelance librarian and writer
  53. @Jill_HW – Tweets on web 2.0, social networking, digital libraries, and more
  54. @ultimatelibrarn – Regular tweets from a medical librarian
  55. @LPI_Library – Numerous tweets from the Lunar and Planetary Institute Library
  56. @lwu5 – Health sciences librarian tweets on various subjects
  57. @infobunny – Law librarian with numerous tweets and blogs
  58. @sarchet62 – Numerous tweets on medical anthropology, librarianship, and more
  59. @retennant – Tweets from a librarian and river guide
  60. @ScrantonLibrary – Official feed for the Scranton library
  61. @RoCoPubLib – Tweets from the Roanoke County Public Library System
  62. @wlgordon – Tweets from a Chicago based librarian
  63. @Jantweepuntnl – Librarian at the City Library of Haarlem, Netherlands
  64. @jrriordan – Reference librarian who works in the Bangor Public Library’s feed
  65. @elizabethdavis – Feed for a children’s library with good variety of tweets
  66. @AustinPublicLib – Tweeter feed for the Austin Public Library
  67. @Camdencclibrary – Regular tweets from the Camden Library
  68. @gonty – Feed for a librarian who started bookboy.net
  69. @adalib – Official twitter feed for the Ada Library, located in Boise
  70. @ALD_Teen – Teen news and info from the Arapahoe Library
  71. @mmrl – Main Twitter Account for the Missouri River Regional Library
  72. @Cleveland_PL – Twitter stream for the third largest research library in the country
  73. @harriscountypl – Info on the Houston based Harris County Public Library System
  74. @tashrow – Tweets from the director of Menasha, Wisconsin’s public library
  75. @ASCPL_Events – This feed is from the Akron-Summit County Public Library


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