Drexel University Online Library Science Masters Review

For budding professionals in library and information science, the need for a master’s degree is well-known. Not only does this level of academic achievement signal real dedication to the field, but in many cases, a master’s degree is mandated by state boards for jobs in public schools or libraries. Fortunately for students in Pennsylvania and across the U.S., Drexel University offers students several avenues for earning a master’s degree in library science.

Let’s check out what students need to know about the program so they can decide whether it’s right for them.

About the Program

Before we jump into discussing what makes Drexels library science master’s an attractive possibility, take a look at some basic facts and figures about the program and the school.


  • Institution type: Private
  • Campus: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Accreditation: American Library Association (ALA)
  • Program format: Online, traditional

Tuition and fees

  • Expected total tuition: $60,390
  • Per credit-hour tuition: $1,342

Degrees & requirements

  • Library science degrees offered: Master of Science in Information-Library & Information Science
  • Number of credit hours required: 45
  • Estimated time to completion: 24 months

Biggest Pros

What factors are strongest in favor of Drexel from the perspective of the average student?


Crucial to the value of any degree, accreditation is a signal to employers and others in an industry that a person has completed a rigorous course of study in a field. For those in library science, the need for a degree that meets this standard is even more crucial. That’s because in most states, in order to work in certain public facilities like schools or libraries, applicants must have earned a master’s degree from a program that’s accredited by the American Library Association. Drexel first earned the ALA’s stamp of approval in 1924, making it one of the oldest accredited programs in the country.

Flexible delivery methods

While we’re focusing today on online students, Drexel offers other delivery methods. Students can earn their degrees entirely online, or they can choose to attend on-campus, but the flexibility doesn’t stop there. That’s because in-person students in Drexel’s Master of Science in Information can choose to attend full-time or part-time. It’s clear the school has made it a priority to reach students through whatever means necessary.

Technology focus

Drexel’s library science master’s is technically a major offered within the MSI department. Other majors that live alongside the library science program include MSIs in Digital Content Management, and Human Computer Interaction and User Experience. The degree is housed in Drexel’s College of Computing & Informatics, which makes the library science degree one of the most technology-forward among all library science master’s degrees. This won’t appeal to 100% of students, but those who are concerned about future-proofing their degrees may want to give Drexel special attention.

Biggest Cons

What issues might make students think twice about pursuing their library science master’s degree at Drexel?

Degree structure

While we listed the structure of this degree as a positive when it comes to the technology focus, it’s impossible to deny that library science isn’t the central focus of the school or even the degree.


With tuition costs that exceed $60,000, even for online students, Drexel’s MSI is among the most expensive options for library science master’s students. Depending on the individual’s career path, it may be unrealistic to spend this much money getting their master’s.

Drexel University Online Library Science Program FAQs

Here’s a look at what questions students most frequently ask about Drexel’s online master’s in library science.

Do I need to take the GRE?

No, applicants for Drexel’s online Master of Science in Information-Library & Information Science program do not need to submit a GRE score.

Are specialties offered?

Because Drexel’s library science master’s is technically a major offered within the Master of Information Science program, the extent of specialization is in the electives a student chooses to take. So while students can’t add a major to the library science MSI, they can take electives that include archives, collection management or resources for children and young adults. Drexel also offers a graduate certificate in community-based librarianship

Is a final project required?

Students are required to complete a two-term capstone project, which typically involves a combination of academic research and hands-on practical work experience in library science.


For students who have the financial resources, Drexel’s online library science master’s degree provides a unique foundation that’s not found in most other programs. Because it’s housed in a cutting-edge informatics and computing school, library science graduates from Drexel may be the most well-suited to combine the past and future.

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