Long Island University Post Online Library Science Masters Review

For any person considering a career in library science, they know earning a master’s degree is perhaps the most important educational step they’ll take to kick off their career. But if the prospect of spending two or more years traveling to a university campus to get a master’s in library science isn’t appealing, the good news is that many colleges and universities offer the same top-level education online as they do on-campus. One such option in the New York area is offered by the Long Island University Post’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science.

Let’s take a look at what students should know about the program as well as its biggest benefits and drawbacks.

About the Program

Before we delve into the positives and negatives about the LIU Post library science master’s degree options, let’s explore the general facts and figures surrounding the program.


  • Institution type: Private
  • Campus: Greenvale, New York
  • Accreditation: American Library Association (ALA)
  • Program format: Online, traditional

Tuition and fees

  • Expected total tuition: $45,864
  • Per credit-hour tuition: $1,274

Degrees & requirements

  • Library science degrees offered: Master of Science in Library Information Science, Dual Master’s (with New York University), PhD in Information Studies
  • Number of credit hours required: 36
  • Estimated time to completion: 24 months
  • Optional specializations: Archives and Records Management, General Studies, Information Systems and Technology, Rare Books and Special Collections, Public Librarianship, Youth Librarianship (Children’s and Young Adult Services)

Biggest Pros

What aspects of the LIU Post program are most likely to make it appealing for the average library sciences student?


Most prospective library studies students will consider employment options in public institutions like schools, libraries and museums. Generally, these roles call for state licensure, which requires attending a master’s degree program that’s accredited by the American Library Association. LIU Post’s Master of Science in Library and Information Science has been ALA-accredited since 1971.


The list of academic focus areas on offer in LIU Post’s MSLIS isn’t the longest in the world, but the options are diverse and cover many emerging areas of library and information science, including rare books, public librarianship and children’s/young adult services.

Degree flexibility

LIU Post’s MSLIS degree can be completed entirely online, or students can opt to attend at the main campus in Greenvale, as well as two other sites in Manhattan and Brentwood. Students who plan to attend in Manhattan or Brentwood may need to complete some courses online, depending on academic scheduling.

Biggest Cons

What are the biggest potential drawbacks of the LIU Post MSLIS program for the average student?


With a total tuition cost of more than $45,000, with fees adding to that total even further, LIU Post’s library science master’s degree is a serious financial investment, one that may not be possible for many students.

Admissions requirements

New York requires a GRE score for all prospective students in the school library science program, and even those in the general MSLIS may need to submit GRE scores if their undergraduate GPA is below 3.0. This could add a layer of difficulty for many students.

Long Island University Post Online Library Science Program FAQs

Here’s a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about the MSLIS at LIU Post.

Do I need a GRE score?

Students in the MSLIS/school library media program are required by state law to submit GRE scores, and all other students whose undergraduate GPAs are lower than 3.0 will need to submit either a GRE score or a Miller Analogies Test score.

Is an internship required?

Yes, MSLIS students at LIU Post are required to complete an internship unless they already have extensive professional experience in library and information science settings. This is not typical, and administrators still encourage all students to embrace the internship experience.

Can I earn my degree entirely online?

The LIU Post MSLIS offered through the Palmer School of Library and Information Science can be earned entirely online, and full-time online students should be able to finish their degree in as little as 18 months.


Library science students have a number of options for getting their all-important master’s degree, and for those in the New York area, as well as those across the country, LIU Post’s MSLIS offered through its Palmer School of Library and Information Science is an expensive-but-attractive option.

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